Niniejsza informacja dotyczy następujących modeli:

  • SNC-WR600
  • SNC-WR602
  • SNC-WR602C
  • SNC-WR630
  • SNC-WR632
  • SNC-WR632C

1.) e-Varifocal function is newly added.
2.) SNC-XM631 is now supported.
3.) The superimpose function is expanded.
4.) The discovery function by UPnP is supported.
5.) Mail encryption is supported.
6.) The focus refresh function is supported.
7.) Turkish and Portuguese are supported in the setting screen.
8.) The superimpose function is expanded (Azimuth, Area title, Zoom ratio).
9.) The Highlight Compensation (HLC) function is supported.
10.) The lower limit setting of the shutter speed is expanded.
11.) The horizontal tilt limit function is supported.