Niniejsza informacja dotyczy następujących modeli:

  • PMW-F55

Modifications from V6.01 of F55 :

Bug Fix : 

– Under specific conditions, sometimes PMW-F55/F5 does not work after turning on the Power and pushing the Menu button. This has been fixed.
– Color Bar appears unintentionally when Camera Remote Controller has been connected to PMW-F55/F5 under a following situation. This has been fixed.
(Situation: you do recording, play-back or displaying Thumbnails while Color Bar setting is on and then, you turn Color Bar off.)

Please note the following :

1. iOS setting for Wi-Fi Remote :
While using Wi-Fi Remote by iOS devices and Safari, please turn off Private browse function.

2. All file Support :
All files which are created with Firmware V6.01 are not compatible with an earlier firmware version.

Please carefully examine the “Version Up Guide for PMW-F55 and F5” file.