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  • PXW-X180


Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products.

Sony is offering update of the system software and the network function software for XDCAM Camcorder “PXW-X180 / PXW-X160”.

[Applicable model]

XDCAM Camcorder
“PXW-X180 / PXW-X160”.

[Applicable software version]

The applicable system software versions are “Ver.3.10” or earlier.(PXW-X180 / PXW-X160) And the applicable Network Function software versions are “Ver.2.11” or earlier. (PXW-X180 only) (Please visit the download page to check the system software version installed on your product.)

* Both of the System software update and the Network Function software update are necessary to PXW-X180.

[Contents of the update]

Function added with Ver.4.0

1. New series XQD memory card supported

The camcorder adds support for the new Sony Mseries XQD memory cards. In addition to existing G-series memory cards,
Gseries QD**E memory cards can also be used. (where the number ** indicates the capacity). (PXW-X180 / PXW-X160)

2. Proxy recording in network client mode (PXW-X180)

3. File transfer in network client mode (PXW-X180)

4. Copying clips (PXW-X180 / PXW-X160)

5. Additional audio reference level settings

Input audio reference levels –80dB and –70dB have been added to “INPUT1
Reference” and“INPUT2 Reference” in “Audio Input” of the Audio menu.
(PXW-X180 / PXW-X160)

6. Support RM-30BP and RM-1000BP (PXW-X180 / PXW-X160)

7. Improvement of the stability of some other operations (PXW-X180 / PXW-X160)

[Software version after update]

System software : Ver.4.00 (PXW-X180 / PXW-X160)
Network Function software : Ver.2.41 (PXW-X180 only)