Niniejsza informacja dotyczy następujących modeli:

  • HVR-DR60
  • HVR-Z5E
  • HVR-Z7E
  • HVR-S270E

This software transfers movie files from a HVR-DR60 or CompactFlash card to a folder on the hard disk drive (HDD) of your Mac.

During this process, it will also merge together any footage that has been divided into two or more .M2T files by the FAT32 specification of the HVR-DR60 and CompactFlash cards. The software also changes file names automatically during transfer to avoid duplication of the same name.

NOTE: The ‘Sony Recording Unit Utility Software’ for Windows is available under BPE-SS-038C.

NOTE: This s/w is for FCP V6 only.