Niniejsza informacja dotyczy następujących modeli:

  • MCS-8M

1.) Audio Follow Video function
PGM bus cross-point buttons can be linked with audio channel faders of the same number.
2.) Availability of Menu1/2 and F1/2 buttons
Menu1/2: A menu short cut can be assigned.
 •  F1: When a resizer function is on, you can use the X-Y pointer as either a resizer or a positioner. In the case of a resizer, an orange colour lights. In the case of a positioner, a green colour lights.
 •  F2: An auto chroma key function is executed when the sample mark of the chroma key is on.
3.) Chinese characters can now be displayed in a menu.
For installation instructions, refer to ‘Installing Application Software and Firmware (Install)’ on page II-55 of the Operating Instructions, Volume II.