Niniejsza informacja dotyczy następujących modeli:

  • SRW-5800
  • HKSR-5804

1.) SRPC-5 Connection
When connected to SRPC-5:
• HD SStP files in SRMemory can be copied to SR tape.
Supported formats are:
• 4:2:2 SR-Lite (2D only)
• 4:2:2/4:4:4 SR-SQ (2D only)
• The functions equivalent to those of HKSR-5804 can be performed via SRPC-5.
• SR-Lite files are converted to SR-SQ before recording.
• Copying can be performed at double speed by setting the VTR system format to 4:2:2/4:4:4 DBL.
• Among the 16 audio channels recorded in SRMemory, 12 channels can be selected and copied.
• File TC information for SRMemory is retained when copying.
2.) CHUNK Separation Function
The CHUNK separation function is added.
• The function is supported when importing MXF files from tape.
• Specified size can be selected from 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 GB.
• The number of frames to be CHUNK-separated is an even number, excluding the last file.
• CHUNK-separated clips are lined up on FCP xml.
• For the file name, [delimiter] + ### (three-digit number starting with 0) is added to the original file name. The delimiter is selected in GUI IMPORT > DISK CONTROL > DELIMITER.
Example: The original file name “clip000.mxf” is CHUNK-separated (with a period selected for the delimiter).
  clip000.000.mxf, clip000.001.mxf, clip000.002.mxf…
3.) Display of Total Import File Size
The total size of files to import from tape is displayed.

This s/w can only be installed AFTER upgrading the following software versions:
• HKSR-5804              V3.10
• SR-PC4 / SRPC-5   V2.10
• SRW-5800                V3.50
Do NOT store the HKSR-5804 s/w files and the SRW-5800 main s/w together on the same Memory stick, otherwise the HKSR-5804 files may become corrupted.