Niniejsza informacja dotyczy następujących modeli:

  • MCS-8M

This upgrade solves the problem of color shift in the HDMI input, and the problem that the Audio Mixer section may not correctly follow the cross-point switching while AV Link is On.
This s/w can only be installed after upgrading to Main V1.03 + Font V1.01 + Boot V1.01 (or higher).
Create the following folder in the USB memory for version update and store the specified installation object in the folder.
Installing Objects
1.) Turn off the power of the unit.
2.) Insert the USB memory that contains the specified files in the specified folder into the USB connector of the unit.
3.) Turn on the power of the unit.
4.) Confirm that the unit is working normally.
5.) Press the SETUP button beside the menu display of the unit.
6.) Select “Install ▶ ” (last of the item list) with the [V1] knob and press the [V1] knob.
7.) Press the [V4] knob to start installation.
8.) A message “Waiting…” is displayed in the sub-title area during the installation.
9.) Upon completion of the installation, a message (ID: 1102) appears in the item area. Confirm that all modules have been successfully installed. If an error is present, retry installation from step 5.
10.) Press the [V3] knob.
11.) Turn off the power of the unit.
12.) Disconnect the USB memory from the USB connector of the unit.