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OVERVIEW: Ziris View 7 receives multi-layered content across a network from Ziris Create 7, formats it, and displays it on the screen. Material delivered over a WAN or LAN is stored on View’s host computer until it is triggered by a schedule for playout.

Ziris View 7 is also fluent in most of the industry standard media formats – including MPEG-2 HD and H.264 – and can incorporate live digital TV channels so that, for example, a live football match could be bordered by adverts and RSS feeds. View can display Flash and even material that is “”grabbed”” from a live website.

Compatible with Windows Vista® and Windows 7®

1.) Multi-language support (English/Japanese/French/Spanish)

2.) 64-bit Operating Systems support (Windows 7/Windows Server 2008)

3.) Support for Adobe Flash 10