Niniejsza informacja dotyczy następujących modeli:

  • HVR-Z5E
  • HVR-Z7E
  • HVR-S270E


The following conditions have been corrected:

(1) Cache recording sometimes failed when a SanDisk high speed CompactFlash (CF) card was used.
(2) An internal flash ROM data error caused the unit to malfunction.
(3) Multiple files were imported as a single file in Final Cut Pro.
(4) Files recorded from an HVR-1500 to HVR-MRC1 via i.LINK in DV or AVI mode could not be imported into Final Cut Pro.

NOTE: Installation instructions are provided in document PRE-03KB. Alternatively, the upgrade can be performed by your local Authorised Sony Service Centre, however, a service charge may be applied.”