Niniejsza informacja dotyczy następujących modeli:

  • PMW-1000



1) Function to display the superimposed warning on the display of the front panel
2) Function to hold the superimposed warning on the display
3) Cue-up function improvement for non-continuous TC
4) Enhancement of the security of network connection

*Please refer to PMW-1000_V151_ReleaseNote_E for more details.
*Please refer to PMW-1000Version Up History(V104_143) for the past verion contents


The update procedure manual is included in the zipped [Release note-Procedure-History] in this page.
Please download and decompress the file, then follow the steps on [PMW-1000_FW_Update_Procedure].


Please check the current version of your set.
You can refer to [PMW-1000_FW_Update_Procedure] for how to check version package number of your set. And please download required binary package as following;

Your Set Package Version Required Binary Package

1. V1.10 or earlier : PMW-1000_V151_Package_1
2. V1.21                : PMW-1000_V151_Package_2
3. V1.31-V1.43     : PMW-1000_V151_Package_3
4. V1.50                : PMW-1000_V151_Package_4

*Please update each file in the Package. Order of updating does not matter.


– If you are currently using the set in the system with other equipment or applications, please be sure to perform test operation again after updating the firmware.

– During firmware update, please do not turn off the power of the set. Please do not use the battery and do use AC for power supply and be careful for the connection cable not to be plugged out.

– In case the update fails, please contact your Sony dealer or sales company service nearby.