Using the XP downgrade tool VGN-TT series.

! Important notes :

* In order to do the XP installation on this unit you would need a USB floppy disk drive and a floppy disk. These are not supplied with the Vaio by default..
* DVD playback is not natively supported in Windows XP, so a separate program is needed in order to playback DVD movies. This software will not be supplied by Sony.
* DVD recording is also not natively supported in Windows XP, so a separate program is needed in order to record on DVD"s. This software will not be supplied by Sony.
* For models with Blu-Ray drive : Blu-Ray playback is not supported under Windows XP.

Preparations to do first before installing XP on your Vaio :

  1. Run the XP downgrade assistant and burn a disc with all drivers and utilities by selecting the 3 rd option in the tool. Label the disc as "XP drivers and utilities VGN-TT series" .
  2. Use an empty floppy disk and write the content of the zipped Sata driver file to this floppy.
Installing Windows XP Professional SP2 on your Vaio :
  1. Make sure the Wireless switch on the front side of the unit is switched on.
  2. Start the unit and boot into the BIOS by pressing F2 several times. Go to the Boot section by pressing the right arrow and enable theexternal drive bootoption by pressing enter and selectingenabled. Confirm by pressing enter again, then press the right key once more and selectexit setup. SelectYesand press enter.
  3. Boot the unit with your XP SP2 disc in the drive and press F6 at the beginning of the windows setup to install a raid driver. Insert the floppy in the USB floppy drive and wait until the system asks you to specify a driver. Press the S button to specify the driver and select the driver. Confirm by pressing enter and enter again to continue the setup.

! Important notes:

  • In case you still would like to recover using F10 from the hard disk to the original Vista preinstalled operating system, please leave the recovery partition in tact.
  • In case you would like to free up some space and remove the recovery partition, please make sure to first create a set of recovery discs using the Recovery wizard in your Vista preinstalled installation.
Continue with the XP installation. When the installation is completed press cancel to all "Found New Hardware" wizards. Insert the disc you labelled as "XP drivers and utilities VGN-TT series" and follow the on screen instructions

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  • SATA Driver Intel TT

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  • 32 bit

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  • 10-11-2008