Intel(R) 82830M Video Driver Update Version

NOTE: Please also dowload and install theBIOS update R0206C1_20020508for your VAIO.

Download instructions:

  1. Prepare a new folder in theC:\directory to place the file downloaded from the web - Name itDownloadfolder.
  2. Download theVCD_Int_613013024.exefile into the newly created folder.
  3. Browse toC:\Downloadand double-click theVCD_Int_613013024.exefile to unzip it -TheWinZip Self-Extractorprogram starts.
  4. ClickUnzip.
  5. Click OK.
  6. ClickCloseto exitWinZip Self-Extractor.
  7. TheVCD_Int_613013024.exefile is extracted to the following directoryC:\VCD_Int_613013024(But if you specified a different directory path in theUnzip to folderbox, please note this directory for reference).
Installation instructions:
Windows XP:
  1. OpenDevice Manager.
  2. Double-clickDisplay adapters.
  3. Right-clickIntel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller-0and then clickUpdate driver-TheHardware Updatewizard starts.
  4. SelectInstall from a list or specific location (Advanced).
  5. SelectInstall from a list or specific location (Advanced)and then clickNext.
  6. SelectSearch for the best drivers in these locationsand select the check box in front ofInclude this location in the search- browse toC:\VCD_Int_613013024and clickNext.
  7. ClickFinish.
  8. ClickYesto restart your VAIO.

Windows 2000 Professional:

  1. OpenDevice Manager.
  2. Double-clickDisplay adapters.
  3. Double-clickIntel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller-0- TheIntel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller-0 Propertiesdialog box is displayed.
  4. Select theDrivertab and then clickUpdate Driver- TheUpdate Device Driverwizard starts.
  5. ClickNext- SelectDisplay a list of the known drivers for this device so that I can choose a specific driver.
  6. ClickNextand then clickHave Disk.
  7. Next toCopy manufacturer"s files fromtype or browse toC:\VCD_Int_613013024.
  8. ClickOpento install thea302.inffile - Click OK in theInstall form Diskdialog box.
  9. Intel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller-0is highlighted - ClickNext.
  10. ClickNextagain to start the device driver installation.
  11. C lickFinish.
  12. Close theIntel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller-0 Propertiesdialag box.
  13. ClickYesto restart your VAIO.

Informacja o pliku

Nazwa pliku

  • VCD_Int_613013024.exe

Architektura pliku

  • 32 bit

Rozmiar pliku

  • 3.92 Mb

Data wydania

  • 81-52-2002