Installation procedure for firmware update for Sony DW-D56A optical drive.

Please check if your VAIO is using the Sony DW-D56A

  1. Download the file
  2. Browse to the directory where you downloaded the file to.
  3. Double Click SOFOPD-00829906-UN.exe

  1. You will get a warning message popping up. Read all instructions carefully and apply the guidelines. (Disable antivirus software, disable tasks running in the background, disable all programs into the startup group. remove all peripherals that you might have connected, (including pccards and network cables), do not touch the VAIO during the process unless prompted otherwise, make sure to be logged on with an account with admin rights). Once you"ve read this warning messages carefully and followed all instructions then please click OK to continue.

  1. Use the arrow to select the correct drive from the drop down list and click "Update"

  1. Check if you are bound to perform the correct update and if you are click Update

  1. The firmware will now be update and you will se a progress bar moving during the process.

  1. Once the firmware update has been completed, you will be prompted to reboot your VAIO. Click Reboot to reboot your VAIO. Your VAIO will now reboot and the firmware of your optical drive has been updated successfully.

Informacja o pliku

Nazwa pliku

  • SOFOPD-00829906-UN.exe

Architektura pliku

  • 32 bit

Rozmiar pliku

  • 881.66 Kb

Data wydania

  • 89-62-2005