Firmware Update AS7F for QSI SDW-085 (DVD Drive)

This Firmware update will solve following problems :

- The writeability of DVD+R 8X media is improved.


- Do not shutdown the unit while the Firmware update procedure is in progress.
- Do not stop the Firmware update procedure while in progress.
- Not following any of the above, could severely damage your system !

Download the Upgrade:

1. Click Accept below after reading and accepting the terms and conditions to initiate the download process.
2. Select save and store the file "QSFOPD-01171204-UN.exe" on your desktop.

Upgrade instructions

1. Double click the file "QSFOPD-01171204-UN.exe" on your desktop.
2. The firmware update tool will start (ver 5.4_C3 for Vaio)
3. Click on Update
4. The firmware update will update the firmware
5. When the update is finished, reboot the PC.

How to identify the new version?

1. Use the update tool to identify the new version.
2. Double click again the file "QSFOPD-01171204-UN.exe"
3. Check if the current firmware is now AS7F
4. Click the CANCEL button to finish.
5. You can now remove the file "QSFOPD-01171204-UN.exe" from your dektop.

Informacja o pliku

Nazwa pliku

  • QSFOPD-01171204-UN.exe

Architektura pliku

  • 32 bit

Rozmiar pliku

  • 1.06 Mb

Data wydania

  • 27-10-2006