The access Point has a firmware update function that permits the implementation of new functions.
For up-to-date information about the latest firmware update, access the Wireless LAN Support Web site.
  • To update the firmware, the firmware update file must first be copied onto the computer.
  • This page is used to update the Access Point firmware.

 Update Procedure

Firmware Update Page
  1. Click the button in the Management page.
  2. Confirm the version of the firmware currently running in the Status page.
  3. ClickBrowsein the file selection box and select the firmware update file.
  4. Verify that the file name in the Select File field is correct.
  5. Click the button. Hint Clicking initiates transfer of the update file into temporary memory in the Access Point.
    Wait until theFirmware Update Confirmationpage appears.
     Note Do not select a file other than a firmware file for the Access Point. If you do so, the Access Point may no longer operate normally.

Firmware Update Confirmation Page
  1. Confirm that the displayed firmware version is the version you want.
  2. If the version is correct, click the button.
    If the version is incorrect, click the button to return to the previous page, and correct the setting.
    The status indicator on the Access Point (Wireless Unit) flashes red while the firmware is updating.

Firmware Update Completion Page
  1. Wait until the Access Point restarts. (This indicates that the updating process is completed.)
     Note Do not disconnect the power supply of the Access Point (Wireless Unit) under any circumstances while update is in progress.
    Doing so could prevent the Access Point from operating normally.
    When the updating process is completed, the Access Point automatically restarts. Please wait a few moments. When the STATUS indicator of the Access Point (Wireless Unit) changes to flashing white, the Access Point has resumed normal operation.

Close your Web browser temporarily, then reopen it and return to the Status page to verify the firmware version.
After confirming the version, exit the Web browser.


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