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My modem connection, via my internal Conexant modem, keeps getting disconnected - How can I upgrade the driver for my modem (version 2.14.14)?


NOTE: This solution (and driver update) applies only to the following VAIO models with Windows 98 Second Edition preinstalled:

  • PCG-F709
  • PCG-F707
  • PCG-F701
  • PCG-Z600NE
This update program allows you to install the appropriate driver supporting Windows 98 Second Edition. Please follow the instructions carefully to avoid any problems during the download and installation procedure.

Download instructions

  1. Create a new folder to place theModem Driver Upgradefile downloaded from your models download section and name itDownloadfolder.
  2. Download the file into theDownloadfolder.
  3. When the download is complete, clickStart, point toProgramsand then clickWindows Explorer.
  4. Browse to theDownloadfolder you created, and select theMDU_con_21414.exefile
  5. ClickViewand then clickDetails.
  6. UnderSize, check the size ofMDU_con_21414.exe- If the size is the same as mentioned on the download page, the download is successfully completed.
  7. If the size is different to the size mentioned above, delete the file you have downloaded and proceed with the download again.
  8. TheMDU_con_21414.exefile you have downloaded is a self-extracting file.
  9. Double-click theMDU_con_21414.exeicon - aWinZip Self-Extractordialogue box will appear.

Driver update instruction

Please follow the instructions below to update the driver:

  1. ClickStart, point toSettings, and then clickControlPanel.
  2. Double-click theAdd/RemoveProgramsicon.
  3. ClickConexant SoftK56 Modemand then clickAdd/Remove.
  4. ClickOKto confirm.
  5. Wait until the drivers are uninstalled and clickOKto close theAdd/Remove Programs Propertieswindow.
  6. Restart your VAIO.
  7. TheAdd New Hardware Wizardwill now appear - clickNext.
  8. Keep the default selection and clickNext.
  9. SelectSpecify a locationand specify the path where you unzipped the new Conexant drivers, (i.e.C:\ Download), clickNextand then clickNextagain.
  10. TheAdd New Hardware Wizardwill confirm theConexant PCI Modem Enumeratorinstallation. ClickFinish.

Update for KLSI USB-Ethernet driver

In order to resolve your issue completely, it is also necessary to update the driver for the KLSI USB-Ethernet driver of your VAIO docking station. You will find the relevant driver update and the installation procedure on our web site under the download section for the PCG-F700 series ( This does not apply to the VAIO PCG-Z600NE).

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  • 24-10-2001