Wireless LAN Driver Update


Security fixes

Installation procedure:

  1. Download INDWLL-00449515-UN.exe
  2. Browse to the directory where you downloaded INDWLL-00449515-UN.exe to
  3. Double click INDWLL-00449515-UN.exe
  4. Click "Next"
  5. Please note that the entire process can take up to one minute
  6. Once the driver has been updated completely the system will confirm this as above
  7. Click "Next"
  8. Click "Yes" to restart your VAIO
  9. The update will be fully functional once your VAIO restarted completely

Informacja o pliku

Nazwa pliku

  • INDWLL-00449515-UN.exe

Architektura pliku

  • 32 bit

Rozmiar pliku

  • 1.35 Mb

Data wydania

  • 14-11-2006