Identyfikator artykułu : 00129550 / Ostatnia modyfikacja : 18.09.2015Drukowanie

Aktualizacja zajmuje dużo czasu lub w ogóle nie jest instalowana.

    WARNING: There is a risk of hardware damage. Do not turn off the AV receiver while the update is running after download is complete.

    • The Update via Internet process may take about 60 minutes depending on factors such as the network environment.
    • For some models, as the system is updating, the green power LED indicator light will flash.

    If the update does not complete even after more than 60 minutes, the network speed may be too slow. Press the power button to turn off and stop update downloading, and then try the following:

    NOTE: If pressing the power button does not work, try holding the power button down for 10 seconds to reboot the unit.

    1. If the AV receiver is connected through a wireless network, change to a wired network, power reset the router and AV receiver then update again.
    2. For STR-DN860 and STR-DN1060, if the problem persists, use a USB flash drive and try to update again.

      NOTE: For details on update by using a USB flash drive, refer to the customer support website. Type your product model number in the search box on the support website homepage, and select Firmware Update under Software & Download.